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      But you never gave them another drink, Mr Silverdale? she said.

      She laughed.

      Very sorry. If you want a couple of days off, just arrange in your department. Then the copy of the Rape of the Lock illustrated by Beardsley came yesterday too. I like it better than anything Ive seen of his.

      Now, thats enough! he said. Never in my{28} life have I sold a bit of bad goods, fish, flesh, or fowl, or whatever you like to name, that I wasnt willing to take it back with humble apologies for its having left my shop. Not one atom of bad stuff did any one buy of me if I knew it. And any one who says different to that speaks a false-hood. If youve got anything to answer me there, Mrs Goodford, lets have it now and have done with it.

      How pleased the herald angels will be! he answered.

      No, I cant allow that for a moment, he said.


      Thanks. Now I wont occupy your time more than I can help. I have come to consult you about the County Hospital, of which, as you know, I am chairman. We have a meeting in half an hour from now, the notice of which, by some mistake, never reached me till this morning. Thats my excuse for descending on you like this.{73}


      Why should I give up the catalogue? she said. I have no intention of doing so unless you tell me to. My business is to finish it.


      Very likely, my dear, said Mrs Keeling{106} amiably, and Im sure thats a beautiful bit of figured silk which he has his coat made of.